Why Have a Life Lock Identity Theft Protection

The rate of crime is increasing globally. It is for this reason that you need to have a Life Lock Identity theft protection. This system will protect your personal and credit card information from any form of fraud or theft. You will get these services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. There five main protection points that you can enjoy by using this protection system. These are the main reasons as to why you need to get yourself this protection.

Life Lock Give Better Security
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Monitoring Your Identity

After enrolment, the company will not only monitor threats within its network, but it will also contact on your behalf all the major credit bureaus so that you name is completely removed from mailing lists that offer preapproved credit. You can also use your Lifelock member portal to securely access your alerts dashboard. You will have peace of mind knowing that all your court and public records are being monitored. You can review your monthly report about the names you are currently using and any other alternate names.

Scanning For Any Form of Identity Threats

With this system, you can be sure that all possible threats will be scanned using a proprietary and comprehensive method. The company will search from all known criminal websites to identify if there is any illegal sell of your personal information. The scanning will help detect any change of your address, new saving and checking accounts opened in your name and awarding of payday loans.

Responding to Identity Theft

You will only receive communication or response from this company when necessary. The company will send you a text message, email or call you anytime they suspect that your identity is being stolen. Any change to your bank account contact information will result in you receiving a call from life lock so as to find a suitable solution to the situation. You can also contact the company any time you like in case you lose a wallet or need any help to get your life back in order.

Tracking Your Credit Score

Your credit rating or score plays a significant role in determining your future ability to access loans or any form of lending. You are able to get a daily notification, as a result, of changes in your credit rating. you will receive a monthly and annual TransUnion credit score from this company. This will give you an opportunity to come up with better solutions to your credit score so that you can have a chance to access lending whenever you need it.

Quality Services In Case Of Theft of your Identity

Should your identity be stolen, then you can be sure that the company is willing to spend up to $1 million to hire lawyers, experts, consultants among other to ensure that your recovery is safe and fast. By visiting the company’s website, you have a clear understanding of how far the company is willing to go, to ensure that your personal information is safe and you get quick recover should it be stolen.

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