Where Can You Report Identity Theft

In the recent times, identity theft has increased to a great extent and the victims of this crime are increasing every year. According to the identity theft act, it is federal crime to use someone else’s personal information to do fraudulent activities.  The most common types of this crime are credit card fraud, communications fraud and bank fraud etc.  This crime is the only that costs you a lot without you being aware of it. If you somehow become a victim of identity theft, then it is vital for you to report it as soon as possible so that you are not faced by the dilemma that where can you report identity theft.

Coding to steel information
Coding to steel information

The reason you should report it as soon as possible is because if you delay, you will be facing a lot of problems and a lot of damage will be done to your financial information by that time.  You can follow certain steps and report the crime as soon as it happens to you.

Firstly, you should get in touch with the top three credit agencies and request them to add a fraud alert to your credit report. These alerts are valid for three months and the agency puts your names in the list of those people who are canceling all the financial offers and other things.  The fraud alert also lets you get a credit report copy free.  You can keep the fraud alert message on your report for a longer time if you want it. The maximum time is seven years.

You should contact all the financial institutions that you are related with like your bank, loan company, credit card company and close all the accounts and put a fraud alert on them. If you opt to close the current accounts and then open new accounts, make sure that the financial institutions have placed a fraud alert on the new accounts as well. Also, change your pin of your debit cards.

Also, tell the local law agency or any police department about the incident that has happened to you.  These authorities will ask you for certain details and will start investigating about the incident.  You shall also a file a complaint of identity theft with Federal trade commission.

This is how you will be able to report identity theft and after you have reported, wait for the authorities to investigate. You can take several measures from your side to prevent yourself from this crime. You can be more careful with your information and should enter your information on any website without checking for the authenticity of the website. You should also monitor your credit reports daily so that you get to keep a track of all the activities in your report. By taking these measures from your side, you will be able to reduce the risk of becoming a victim largely.