What Apps Should Be Used For Enhanced Identity Theft Protection

MobileappsIn order to protect yourself from identity theft there are many precautionary measures that you could take. Protection plans, theft insurance and enhanced safety measures are some common ways of keeping yourself safe. If you are looking for something that is one level above, apps that can offer you protection against theft is the best choice for you. Apps for this purpose vary from one operating system to another. If you have android or another such system, no two systems can have the same apps, however there are exceptions. When talking about protecting your phone against theft, some apps are a must.Following are list of enhanced identity theft protection app.  

Alarm Anti-Theft is an app developed for keeping the hackers away. In case someone moves your phone behind you, the app will alert you, This app uses the phone’s motion sensor function to detect any movements which the unknown user may be making on your device. It is further installed with an attractive alarm which will draw your attention regardless of where ever you are. The application is password protected and cannot be hampered with unless someone moves your phone.

If you need something more than just movement based protection, download the Sheriff Lite and you can literally record everything which happens with your phone. This works like a CCTV and also includes the alarm option which is based on the sound and motion of your device. The app also allows you to make use of spoken warnings. You can either download the app for free or have more features with a paid version.

Charger Alarm is another excellent app. It is common to get worried for your phone when you have placed it to charge on a public charger. The app helps you by setting off a loud alarm in case your phone is disconnected. The app temporarily disables the volume feature so that no one can lower the volume down. When you need to get your phone’s battery back up, public chargers are the only option. This app keeps you totally protected and lets you have your peace of mind.

Go Ya Pic is an efficient anti-theft app which will take the picture of the person who has tried unlock your device. If you have already defined the settings, you may also receive a location via Google maps. Regardless of whether your phone was stolen, this is an important app and helps you know if someone tried to play with your phone while you were away. There are even more features on this app and you can unlock further more by paying a small amount.

Protection via apps is no longer a difficult thing to do. Most app stores are now filled with Enhanced identity  theft protection apps which means you have a wide variety to choose from. Head to your desired store today and get your device the protection it needs. After all your phone carries all the important information, losing which would mean losing your good name. You can also search up the web in order to have a better idea of how most anti theft apps work.