Trusted ID Enhanced Identity Theft Protection Plans Gives You Better Protection


Trusted ID provides an enhanced identity theft protection for you and your entire family. It combines the latest credit scanning services with identity fraud protection that stops the thieves from stealing your personal information. As these thieves are constantly coming up with new ways to steal your information, the company is constantly innovating and making new protections and services that help the people stay completely protected. Trusted ID enhanced identity thievery protection services provides excellent features to its members.

The most common feature that every other protection service offers is offered by Trusted ID as well and that is of credit monitoring, credit report and credit score from the top 3 credit bureaus named Experian, TransUnion and Equifac. It helps you recognize the fraud by monitoring your activities on your credit reports with these credit agencies. It helps you get immediate online access to your reports from these three agencies so that you can make sure about the safety of your report and report any fraudulent activity. You also get immediate access to the credit scores and see what scores are perfect to get a loan from a lender.

The identity-monitoring feature by Trusted ID is way beyond your imagination and does a better search than a normal search. It breaks your information into different pieces and then searches for those pieces on the internet. If any piece of your personal information is found being misused then it alerts you immediately.  It also provides with a identity risk score. This feature allows you to see the score of risk associated with your identity. The risk is divided into three categories low, medium and high. The lower the score, the safer your identity is.

It scans all the black market where usually personal information is being sold or bought by the thieves. Information like credit card number is the information traded mostly.  If the service sees that your information is being used, then it notifies you immediately.  This way it stops your information from being traded.

Trusted ID is the only service that provides medical records protection. One of the dangerous and newest types of identity theft is medical record fraud. This feature helps you see your medical benefits to make sure that you are the only benefiting from your medical benefits.

It also offers lost wallet assistance. Share  your information  like debit card or credit card numbers with Trusted ID and if you lose these cards ever, it helps you find them or block them immediately.  You also get a feature to place fraud alerts if you think your identity is at risk. This then requires the lender to verify from you before giving credit.

The best part is the removal from the junk mail lists. It completely removes your name from the junk mail lists and also removes all the pre-approved offers of credit cards.

With Trusted ID enhanced Identity theft protection, you get these amazing features and that even at low monthly subscription charges.