Top Five Best Identity Theft Protection Services

Identity theft happens when someone gets your personal information and uses it for criminal activities such as credit fraud. The rapid growth of technology has fueled this theft. To protect yourself from the theft, it is essential to learn about the various kinds of protection programs. These programs can help protect your identities as well as repair the damages sustained from the criminal act.

Best Security
Best Security

The ID Resource Center fully recognizes this company. It is a renowned non-profit organization dedicated to fight against theft. Trusted ID identity theft protection provides customers with three key features for protection. They include ID Freeze, CreditLock and Data Breach Defense. The first feature is an all-inclusive fraud monitoring system that tries to prevent theft from happening. Its features include social security number and bank account scanning, junk mail reduction and medical benefits protection. On the other hand, the second feature freezes a client’s credit report. This prevents it from being released to third parties without permission from the client. The third feature is suitable for companies. It helps to minimize and manage risk when the company’s system is breached by external parties.

This Better Business Bureau accredited entity has been in operation since 2006. The company aims to put an end to threats before they happen. In addition, it provides a one-million dollar guarantee on the services it offers in case a customer is financially harmed. Examples of services provided by this company include putting fraud alerts with the key credit reporting agencies and confirming change of address requests. Others include replacing the contents of a wallet that is stolen or lost as well as monitoring ungoverned internet sites for illegally using client’s information.

Protect My ID
The credit-reporting agency Experian directly offers this company to families and individuals. Due to this affiliation, the company has quickly created a rock solid reputation even though they are continually working to make better customer service issues. Apart from giving a one-million dollar financial guarantee, its major security features include ChildSecure. This program aims at safeguarding the identity of kids. Credit monitoring with genuine time alerts and CardSafe is another feature that protects all debit or credit cards nominated by the customer. It covers the costs of cards having fraudulent charges.

ID Watchdog
This accredited organization is recommended by the Consumer Federation of America. It relies on patented, modern security technology to tap into several consumer databases. This helps in monitoring a consumer’s identity by looking for, studying and reporting any shady activity. The company uses tools such as a full identity risk evaluation, identity profile report and behavioral risk assessment to design an individual service that is right for every customer.

Identity Guard
Among the five major theft protection services, this is the most costly. It gives its clients more control over the security level they want. In addition, it provides a support line for customers seven days per week, 24 hours a day. Clients can also select from a list of options. These options include internet surveillance, credit bureau monitoring, monitoring of public records, insurance coverage of up to one million dollars and ID Vault. ID Vault safeguards financial information and protects it against “keylogging”.

Generally, taking time to shield yourself from theft lowers the risks of falling victim to such crimes.

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