Shop Secure With Id Watchdog Identity Theft Protection

Shopping online is fun but also is a risky thing as there are high chances of identity theft. You do not know that which website is good for you or not. Therefore, it is important to have Id Watchdog identity theft protection service. With the help of this service, you will be able to shop without any issue on the internet and will not have to worry about your personal information being stolen.

With ID Watchdog, the best feature you get is basic identity monitoring feature. This feature scans all the public records on the internet for any information that is linked with your social security number. The scans are monthly. Then there advanced monitoring feature that scans further databases like NCOA database and recognizes any new address that is linked with your personal information and also preapproved loans and credit offers.  If your personal information is found on any such database and you are not aware of it, the transaction is immediately stopped.

It also scans all the products selling website for your identity to make sure that no one is buying or selling anything with your name and information.  At times it happens that you enter your credit card number for online transactions on unsecured sites and then later on, your credit card number is used by hackers for their purchases without your notice. Therefore, in order to protect yourself from this issue, you need to have ID Watchdog as your protector.

You get SMS and Email notifications as well with this service whenever any new information is searched on the internet related to you. The service is so active that it monitors the internet for your information 24/7 and alerts as any such illegal activity with your information takes place.

The identity restoration feature is excellent. If you are a victim of identity theft, then the team of this protection service will assist you directly and will make sure to clear all the identity frauds on your behalf. It will also help you in getting your personal information restored by guiding with all the steps. The restoration is guaranteed 100%.

Another great feature by ID Watchdog is credit monitoring.  It monitors your report of credit and alerts you when any change has taken place like new accounts, or change or address, any loan etc. The “Plus” package monitors your TransUnion credit report only while the Platinum package monitors your credit reports from all the three credit agencies.

The Platinum package has one more added feature of credit scores and reports. The Plus package does not have this feature. This feature gives you access to your credit scores from all the top 3 credit agencies named Experian, Equifax and TransUnion.  The price of the plus package is $14.95 monthly and the price of the platinum package $19.95 monthly.

ID Watchdog identity theft safety will give you all of the features mentioned above. The subscription charges are even low and reasonable.