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Identity Guard

Around more than 10 years ago, Identity Guard came in the market to provide customers the best protection and expertise in terms of identity protection. They have come a really long way as they initially were only offering credit scores, credit reports and credit monitoring. As the threats to identity have increased over time, the needs of the consumers have also changed a lot. Since then the company has stayed ahead of time. Today, their incomparable and innovative solutions are beyond just the basic services.  Identity guard identity theft protection login help  you an ultimate protection now with the complete guarantee.

The monitoring facility of the company has several features like credit monitoring, prompt alerts, identity monitoring and public files monitoring. In the credit monitoring mode, it watches over your credit files on every working day. It alerts you if it notices any prominent changes and also gives you updates monthly on your credit score as well. You also get the facility to see your credit score and report monthly in the identity dashboard.

The prompt alert feature allows you get prompt information on your security. You can select the desired alert method like text, phone or email or download the mobile app to get the alerts directly. The identity-monitoring feature proactively monitors your identity like your social security number, name etc online. It alerts you if it finds that your information is linked. The public files monitoring feature simply monitors your information that is available publicly for any changes being made in the information. You will get a quarterly report on your information.

The protection facility has features like Anti-virus, Password protection and keystroke Encryption. The anti-virus feature includes ZoneAlarm security that helps your PC stay away from threats with the help of firewall, antivirus and antispyware protection.

The keystroke Encryption feature encrypts your keystrokes and makes them unintelligible to any sort of malware so that you can use the internet freely and securely. The password protection feature saves your login details and credit card details to provide you secure and one click access to your online banks and shopping accounts.

The recovery facility has features like recovery assistance, lost wallet assistance and identity fraud insurance. The recovery assistance features gives you guidance from the experts if your identity has been stolen. The experts guide you through out the whole process of the recovery phase. They provide you systematic guidance to let you cancel all your credit cards. They advise you if you need to take any further steps to deal police or lenders. The insurance feature gives you an insurance of around $1 million if you have become a victim of identity fraud. This amount is given as the expenses that result in the case of theft. The lost wallet assistance feature gives you the ability to cancel all your credit and debit cards if you have lost your wallet.

Identity sentinel offers these amazing features for you if you need a reliable identity theft protection service that protects you all the time.Millions of people are taking advantage by login idenity guard identity theft protection services.