List of Credit Reporting Agencies

Identity theft is a common crime leading to countless people losing their identity every hour on the hour. The theft involves the loss of your name, address, bank account information and credit card details which is then used by hackers for illegal purposes. If a theft has victimized you the first step you need to take is inform  three credit bureaus who will then place a fraud alert for your case. The three big credit reporting agencies are Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. The best way to avoid falling victims to scams and thefts is to manage and closely watch your financials and be informed in case any suspicious activity is observed. These agencies not only report your case of identity theft but also provide additional assistance which is essential which you cannot do without. Below is a brief description about the credit report agencies.

Get your credit reoprts
Get your credit reoprts


TransUnion has several offices and offers services associated to different aspects of credit such as credit management, identity theft and other such cases. Besides the variety of programs, the agency also caters to varied clients such as personal, press inquiries and business credit clients. All three credit agencies are responsible for providing to you your credit score along with the credit reports. In case you find an error in your report issued by TransUnion, you can dial up their toll free number or visit their website to ask them to resolve the dispute. Moreover, TransUnion is also one of the credit agencies which should be contacted in case you are a victim of identity theft.


Like the other two credit agencies, Equifax also offers a wide range of credit services and to varied clients such as personal, business and press inquiries. Experian is located and chiefly based in Costa Mesa, CA. The agency has a convenient website but does not make available any phone numbers for quick assistance. For this reason, when you are a victim of identity theft you will be required to fill up the online forms available on Experian’s website in order to inform the agency about the theft.


This agency is based in Atlanta, GA. Equifax has a variety of departments which facilitate all types of credit clients and their respective queries regarding all credit aspects. The Equifax website is also maintained in such a way that clients can fill up a form in case of identity theft or other errors. The good thing about Equifax is that their phone numbers are available for clients to contact and ask for quick help.

Since contacting the agencies in person is harder, most clients prefer to subscribe to a credit report and monitoring service which enables them to stay protected and secure when it comes to managing their financials. With the rise of identity theft statistics, the services provided by these credit reporting agencies have become highly important. Moreover the role these agencies play to provide assistance to clients is worth the money you pay. Although crimes like identity theft cannot be controlled but precautionary measures can be taken to avoid the consequences.  After all, once your good name is lost, it may take you an entire lifetime to bring back what you have lost.