List of Credit Protection Agencies

List of Credit Protection Agencies

With identity theft statistics showing a constant rise in the crime, the credit protection agencies are now becoming more customer oriented in their strategies to save clients from falling trap to a theft. Identity theft involves the loss of identity after which your personal information will be used for illegal purposes. These agencies then ensure that you are safe and so is your personal information. One of the most common ways in which this theft occurs is via the credit card. In order to ensure that the credit card is safe, most people employ the services of such agencies at a monthly rate.

Today, there are a number of agencies which are working to safeguard the private data of customers. With the increasing number of such organizations, most people question whether these are true or just another way to eat your money. However, it is observed that those subscribed to their services are satisfied and are happy to receive advanced protection in a much less price. Most agencies prepare a good package which includes major services like credit monitoring and free credit reports. Depending on the plan you subscribe to, the benefits you will receive may vary. The higher the fee you pay, the better will be the benefits that you receive in return.

When looking for a credit protection agency, always pick one after you have researched all the options available to you. Moreover, do not go after companies which have started just recently rather opt for those which have been in business for a good number of years and are backed by stronger corporations. You may not know when a new credit protection company  commits the theft itself. In addition to this, always compare the different options provided to you by different organizations and only then find the one which is most suitable for you.

If you are willing to seek help from the three credit bureaus, you can do that too. Equifax, TransUnion and Experian are the big three when it comes to credit related issues. All three provide the same set of services with little or no variation and may differ only slightly. The three agencies also offer credit reports and monitoring services to keep your financials in check. In case you are victimized by a hacker, it is advised that you must consult these three agencies first for they will place a fraud alert on all your bank accounts and will inform other relevant agencies too such as your credit card company or your bank.

Credit protection agencies have their own plans to protect you against theft which is why you need to consult to them in order to know all the services they offer. Regardless of which protection program you subscribe to, it is always better to stay protected. In America, more than 8 million people are losing their identity every year which means having an assurance is better than nothing. Some credit protection services will also pay you a certain amount in order to help you cover the loss incurred as a result of theft.

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