Identity Theft Protection Act Of 2005

The identity theft protection act of 2005 of North Carolina is a set of laws issued by the General Assembly of the North Carolina state of U.S to stop identity theft and protect the personal information of people.  This act was initially introduced by Dan Clodfelter and then was proposed by the Attorney of North Carolina named General Roy Cooper.  The act was made to protect the personal information and asking businesses to safeguard their personal information and also give consumers more ways to fight.  This meant more restriction on use and collection of social security numbers of consumers and their financial information.

2005 identity theft protection act
2005 identity theft protection act

The act requires all the businesses and charities to inform persons if any security breach has made personal information at risk and therefore increasing the chance of identity theft. According to the act, the consumers of North Carolina have a right to get security freeze on the credit reports. This means that a security freeze would not let any credit agency to release any information related to you to other creditors. This makes it tough for identity thieves to have credit by using your name. The credit-reporting agency then shall add a security freeze to the credit report of the consumers within 5 working days after getting the written request of security freeze from the consumer. The credit-reporting agency then should send a confirmation in written about the security freeze within 10 working days after placing the freeze. At the same time, the agency should give the consumer are PIN code so that he can release the credit report whenever he wants. All the companies in and out of North Carolina are also asked to comply with the act.  The act gave many rights to the people of the US.

Any people filling any document or preparing a document is allowed not to add social security number, drivers license, passport, savings account, debit or credit card or PIN code in the document unless the court or government states it.

The act made the people relaxed while they used their personal information in any document, as they know that they can use the personal information without any worry now. The act safeguarded the rights of the consumers to the fullest. Consumers can also enter information without any issue online as well.

The identity theft protection act of 2005 of Michigan also had played an important role in protecting the personal information of people largely and has saved them from being a victim of identity theft. The act has also made the businesses and other institutions to be protective regarding the personal information of the consumers. Businesses are not allowed to ask for information like social security number, credit card number and other things if it is necessary. If the businesses are acquiring any such information, then they shall protect it to the fullest and shall not disclose it to any third party.

The act of identity protection of Rhode Island also  made the stealing of identity reduced to a great amount and finally people got relaxed with the use of their personal information.