How Life Lock Identity Theft Protection Help To Secure Credit

LifeLock is amongst the best companies that provide protection to the customers regarding credit and identity fraud. It has been providing its services to many people in the United States and is considered as one of the finest ways to help secure credit. LifeLock identity theft protection service provides several credit securing features.

The credit application notification feature makes alert for any new credit applications and accounts made with your credit file. This helps you act immediately to eliminate the fraudulent activity. If anyone has made new credit accounts or loans with your name can be caught with this feature.

You get yearly credit scores and credit reports. With LifeLock, you get all year access to the credit reports and scores from the top

Credit card companies Trying to best protection services to customer
Credit card companies Trying to best protection services to customer

named Experian, TransUnion and Equifax.  This way you get to see that whether the information is up to date and accurate to manage your credit.  The monthly credit score-tracking feature allows you to recognize vital changes to your credit score and see how is the progress of your credit over time.

It also scans your savings and current accounts to look for any unauthorized or fraudulent changes to your personal information. It also alerts you if your account or contact information has been changed or any attempt has been made to add new accounts with your name.

In the LifeLock Junior package, the credit file verification feature scans the social security number of your child to search for any credit file that is linked with the identity of your child.

The lost wallet assistance feature helps you cancel all your credit and debit cards if you have lost your wallet or it has been snatched. You can avail this facility any day and anytime. It will replace or cancel all the contents and will aid you in preventing the fraudulent charges so that you resume your life. The coverage consists of debit cards and credit cards, driver’s license, insurance cards, Social security cards and also checkbooks. The cash and other things are excluded from the service.

One more way Lifelock helps you secure your credit is by reducing all the pre-approved credit offers.  It requests for the removal of your name from all such pre-approved credit offers mailing lists. By doing this, you get further secured, as credit card mailing lists are one of the vital sources to do credit fraud or identity fraud.

Apart from credit protection, LifeLock identity theft service also provides identity fraud protection by identity threat alerts. In this feature, it alerts you if you personal information is being used to apply for loans, credit cards, mortgages and other things. It monitors your personal information all over the internet to look for any suspicious activity linked with your identity. If any such activity is detected, it alerts you via phone or email and asks you take action against the activity. This way your credit and your identity stay protected with this service.