Cases of Credit Card Identity Theft

If told the stats, the next thing that you would want to buy is an identity theft protection program. That’s true! Rising at an alarming rate, identity theft is a growing crime today. It involves the loss of identities within seconds without the victim even knowing about it. The theft takes into account any and every unauthorized access which may have been made to your personal information without your knowledge. With the technology developing rapidly, it has become very easy for hackers to gain your information and use it for illegal purposes. In order to provide you further understanding about the theft, below are some cases of credit card identity theft:

The first example of a credit card theft is the situation where you are having a fine dinner with your family at a nice restaurant on a peaceful weekend. Once the dinner is over you pay your bill through your credit card and forget to take along the receipt with you. This receipt can lead you into serious trouble if proper care is not taken. Why? A credit card receipt has all the important information on it along with your signature. This means that your signature can be easily copied and used for illicitly.

Another case is where you enter your personal data to a non trusted website. With the e-commerce growing far and wide, most buyers are using the web for online purchases. It is no doubt easy for it does not require you to drive or step out in the sun while you get your desired products conveniently. When shopping online, always ensure that the websites you use is trusted, protected and secured by an https. If the web address is only with an https, leave the website immediately for the credit card number you enter will be at risk.

ATMs have also been an easy way for fraudsters to commit theft. When using the ATM, if you find any devices attached you to it, your credit card may be in trouble. Hackers may also install a camera over you to gain your PIN. Other ways to go about this is to place an exact keypad over the original one in order to trace your fingerprints to get the PIN. If your ATM buttons are too hard to push, eject your card and head to another one.

In addition to this, never give up your credit card to be swiped if it is not in front of you. If you cannot see it, it is probably being used for scam. Restaurants, shops, clubs and stores are common places where credit card identity theft occurs therefore be very careful when using your card in order to preventĀ  yourself from becoming a victim. Credit card cleaning is also another way which most hackers use to get your information. Do not offer your card if someone asks you to clean the magnetic strip on the card for you. They may be setting you up for fraud therefore beware!

Go through these cases carefully and protect yourself against identity theft and its consequences. Moreover you should remember that a credit card is a strong object and should not be handed over to your children either.

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