Best Identity Theft Protection Companies Of 2012 And 2013

Identity safety companies provide great features and you should use them to get the best protection from the issue of identity theft. However, it is important for you to know about the best identity theft protection companies in 2013 so that you can decide which one to opt for to protect you.

Amongst the best companies, one is LifeLock This company is one of the best companies for identity safety and provides great features. The yearly subscription fees is $110 and can also be paid monthly with a monthly charge of $10. Like every other service, it also provides the users with 24/7 identity monitoring, credit monitoring and other great feature. If you want a guaranteed protection, then this service could be your first choice.

Trusted ID is another name in the services that offer safety against identity fraud. This service is amongst the finest protection services and has been protecting more than thousands of Americans.  This service offers a variety of features like three bureau credit monitoring, wallet protection, anti-phishing protection and much more.  The annual individual subscription charges are $99 and family membership of $189 annually. It is also a great option to consider if you want safety against this crime.

An award service named Identity Guard is a good option for the protection. This service costs $15 monthly and is accessible in America only. The service also offers a 15 day trial in which you can test the features of the service. The typical features of this service are identity monitorin, daily credit scanning, id vault and other features. This service is a little expensive but is worth paying the money.

ID watchdog is another service that is good for the safety against identity theft. The monthly subscription charges of this service are $20. You can also have 30 days free trial of the service. The features of this service are ID snapshot, Id rehab, Id maintenance dashboard and much more. It is also accessible in the US only and is also popular amongst businesses and individuals.

Another service that is available for US users only is Identity truth service.  The monthly subscription charges of this service are $18 and with this subscription fees, you get ample amount of features like Breach alerts, fraud alerts, daily credit monitoring, and deletion of junk emails. The service is a good option if you want to have a comprehensive protection.

These are best identity theft protection companies also in 2012. If you want to protect your personal information, then you should consider these companies first as these are the best. However, there are many other companies as well but these are preferred the most.  They are authentic and reliable and have the best user reviews.  They do not have any disadvantage and are completely determined with the protection of your personal identity. So you can subscribe to any one of these and protect your identity to the fullest.

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