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Stealing an identity is big business

Each year in the United States a total of $50 billion is reported as lost due to the black market enterprise known as identity related theft. More than fifteen million Americans fall victim to this type of crime each year and the numbers are expected to rise alongside the nation’s increased dependency on consumer electronics. It is vital to protect the information stored on electronic devices, and that which is transferred over wireless and network signals, from thieves that are attempting to intercept and manipulate that information.

Cheapest Best Idenity Theft Protection Plans

Best Idenity Theft Protection Plans

There are companies whose sole mission is to prevent this debilitating event from happening through the use of cutting edge technology to assist in a higher level of oversight and monitoring service than ever before. The best consumer protection companies will offer security protocols to devices in order to protect all of the material present, as well as providing enhanced recovery assistance in the event that the material is lost or stolen. Support teams wait around the clock to assist their clients with concerns of every nature.

The forms of theft to beware of

Thieves will employ many tactics to get their hands on reliable, available information, knowing and being familiar with the most common will allow consumers to avoid them altogether. These types are not limited to those stolen through electronic means, but also the loss of physical property that contains delicate data. Some of these ways include use or loss of the following pieces of hardware:

*Scanners, skimmers, and trackers

*wallets and purses

*laptops and tablets

*mobile phones, PDA’s, and flash-drives

In addition to these areas of physical loss, sensitive data that may be stored at corporate storage centers and government facilities is at risk. Information is commonly obtained in these manners and has resulted in identity thieves becoming some of the most damaging operatives on the black market in terms of total loss and damage to the global economy.

Protecting the information on your mobile device, tablet, and home computer

It is common for individuals to store frequently accessed information on their smart phone, PDA, or tablet. Information that may seem too trivial and insubstantial such as a name, address, e-mail, and phone number, can all be used by thieves to access and appropriate funds and credit by using the credentials of their true owners. Enhanced identity theft protection from a reputable source can help monitor and oversee the places and times when the information is used, creating instant accountability for the thief and instant protection for the consumer.

Services Identity Guard® Essentials LifeLock Standard™ Idenity Force UltraSecure
Monthly subscription $9.99 $9.99 $17.95
Yearly subscription $109.89 $179.95
Social Security Number Monitoring
Black Market Monitoring
Identity Theft Victim Assistance
Lost Wallet Protection
$1 Million Identity Theft Insurance**
Address Change Verification
Child Watch
Court Records Scanning
Data Breach Notifications
Criminal Records
Sex offender records
Public records

Best Idenity Theft Protection Plans

Americans embrace a freedom to purchase when, what, and where they want via the internet. Instant purchases are available from almost every vendor around the world, and this convenience comes at the risk of having sensitive information intercepted by scanners and decryption software. Many identity thieves take advantage of this means of commerce to obtain fragments of credit card numbers, social security numbers, bank account information and other material. Oftentimes the fragments are enough to allow the thief to do some damage, however, a professional ring may wait to collect more, different fragments in order to do the most amount of damage possible.

Assistance in recovering lost or stolen resources

An established and well-equipped identity theft monitoring and prevention service will provide many useful features that aid in recovery. By reporting abnormal behavior in an expeditious manner, losses may be minimized or prevented completely. Anti-theft software is designed to automatically respond by alerting certain authorities to the illegal action, and may include:

*Law enforcement

*Loss prevention departments

*Credit card companies

*Credit reporting bureaus

Loss reimbursement policies help restore order

In addition to stopping the hemorrhaging of funds and credit to the thief by alerting the appropriate authorities to the situation, many companies will provide a loss reimbursement policy. In these instances a company will be contractually obligated to return any funds that were lost as a result of their inability to protect their client’s account/s. This service can be of significant value when faced with substantial loss or damage to personal balances.

Twenty-four hour customer support enhances security

Having the security of twenty-four hours a day, three-hundred and sixty-five days a year profile monitoring gives consumers the confidence to conduct business and commerce at their leisure. Enhanced identity theft protection can provide the level of security needed to stay safe in a digital society, offering the maximum level of professional assistance backed by a protection guarantee.

Understanding how information is gathered and stolen can prevent the crime in the first place

Stealing an identity involves a network of thieves plotting to steal all the information about an individual they can. The trend is one that has displayed a consistent growth in recent years, with expectations to continue becoming worse as dependency for electronics increase. By understanding the ways in which criminals gain access to sensitive information and the various types of identity theft that exist, consumers can find a protection agency or software program that provides the type of coverage they need.

Best Identity Theft Protection Plans 

Services Identity Force(UltraSecure+Credit) LifeLock Ultimate Plus™™ Trusted Id Identity Guard Platinum
Monthly subscription $23 .95 $29.99 $24.99
Yearly subscription $239.50 $329.89
Identity Protection
Instant notification
Lost Wallet Protection
Black Market Website Surveillance
$1 Million Total Service Guarantee‡
Fictitious Identity Monitoring
Court Records Scanning
Sex offender records
ID Verification Alerts
Account Takeover Alerts
Credit Monitoring
3-Bureau Credit Reports
3-Bureau Credit Scores
Monthly Score Tracker
3-Bureau Credit Monitoring
Live Member Support 24/7/
Family Protection